Torre La Sal

Feeling lazy? Want to sunbathe away from the main crowd? Then the Torre La Sal retreat is right for you. Located next to a nature reserve, yet within biking and driving distance of Marina Dor, Torre La Sal offers the best of two worlds.

Feel the peace

Quiet Beaches

A lovely quiet beach with lush sand. Torre La Sal has for many years been the secret of the camping community having a taste of Goa to it (without the stray dogs).

Find your zen

Tranquil Walks

Walking around Torre La Sal can be one of the most peaceful experiences while staying here. Cycle routes will guide you around the area, or if you want to go off the beaten track you can venture into the Nature Park.

Natural Scenery

Parc Natural del Prat de Cabanes

El Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca is a narrow strip of land of marshes and swamps formed by Quaternary deposits. This natural area is located in the coastal plain that stretches between the towns of Torreblanca and Oropesa del Mar, bounded by the Sierra de Irta and the Sierra de les Santes.