Marina Dor Holiday Resort

Vibrant Neon Lights light the Sky in the Costa Azahar’s biggest Holiday Resort. Hotels, Apartments, Enchanted Gardens, Nightlife, KidLife and more can be found in Marina Dor.

Sand & Fun

Marina Dor Beach

The Marina Dor beachfront stretches the whole length of the Marina Dor resort. Dashing waves crash into differing zones of grass, stone and sand giving sunbathing a choice of scenery. Countless Beach bars scatter the beach for those who wish to kickback with a cocktail. Oh, and don’t forget to say hello to the Elephants!

The Marina Dor Gardens

Jardines Marina Dor

The Marina Dor Gardens can be found at the very centre of the resort and are not to be missed. Filled with plants from around the world and with man made lakes swirling through it is a site of beauty. Beautiful Peacocks room the Gardens along with Swans and Carps. Feeling breathless already? Don’t worry as you can rest on the Gaudi inspired architecture.

Get moving

Sports & Recreation

Throughout the year the Marina Dor Resort hosts a plethora of Sporting Events. From adult events such as the Pure Triathlon to childrens Taekwondo, Football tournaments and more. The resort also has football pitches, tennis courts, panel courts available for pre-booking along with many routes to jog and cycle.

Fun & Smiles

For Kids

At heart Marina Dor is made for the smiles and joy of children. Let the Marina Dor mascots guide you around their 5 wonderful parks, Polynesia Water Park, The Enchanted Gardens, Emotion Park, Adventure Theme Park and Mundo Fantasia theme park. In summer months every night turns to Carnaval night as the Marina Dor mascots and their friends circuit the Resort for their Carnival parade. Magical!

Eating out

Cafes & Restaurants

Marina Dor has a taste of the world in the resort. Italian, Mediterranean and even giant burgers can all be found. Looking to cool down? How about Spains famous Granizados or Ice cold Horchata. What ever you are looking for, Marina Dor has it.

Boogie Nights


They say the night is when the owls come to play, and with Marina Dors El Buho (Owl in Spanish) Nightclub that phrase is quite literally true. Neon lights and plenty of bars and clubs make Marina Dor nights endless- well until sunrise.